Our Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors:

  • Dean Holzkamp, Board Chair and COO, Colorado Medical Society
  • Casey Davis, Secretary
  • Kay Lozano, MD, FACR, Treasurer and Immediate Past-President, Colorado Medical Society
  • Michael Campo, PhD, Director of Business Development & Member Benefits, Colorado Medical Society
  • Jennifer Davis, RN-C


  • Casey Davis, CEO
    • [email protected]
    • Mr. Davis has been the CEO/Executive Director of MTC since 2004 and has 23 years of experience with MTC and the medical answering service industry.  
  • Tom Rowley, Co-Operations Manager
  • Amanda Korich, Co-Operations Manager
  • Marian Hall, Administrative Assistant
  • Tammy Hall, On-Call Manager
  • Sara Bunney, Supervisor
  • Tedene Bennett, Supervisor
  • Nick Kochurka, Supervisor
  • Margot Fredrickson, Supervisor
  • Ann Blake-Russell, Supervisor
  • Shanon Foster, Supervisor
  • Ward Anderson, Supervisor


MTC operators receive extensive training for several weeks before they take calls on their own.  Because MTC adheres to the guidelines of the ATSI Award of Excellence for call quality monitoring, our operators are prepared to properly respond to intensive call situations.

We utilize an efficient method of delivering messages to our clients.  Every operator is first trained to be a Call Taker by responding to the initial call from the caller.  After the call has been disconnected the message is automatically transferred to a Dispatcher who is responsible for all messages that are sent from MTC's system to its clients.